Full Truck Management Software

The Truck management system is concerned with tracking shipment, monitoring drivers, vehicles and updating clients. To handle these concerns efficiently the truck load management software, which is powerful but simple, comprehensive but flexible, advanced but cost-effective provides an integrated solution.

CargoERP with its innovative technology has developed TMS (Transport Management Software) to support all truckload management operations. This powerful software is trustworthy to users who deal with truck management logistics.

Truck transport can be categorized into two modes namely

  • FTL (full truck load)
  • PTL/LTL (part truck load/less than full truck load)

Classification is based on the volume of the products/goods on trucks.

Full Truck Load:

FTL as the name refers to is opted by shippers to transport sensitive goods, to deliver fast, send heavy equipment, and send goods with security considerations. It is evident that in FTL mode shipment, the journey is from source to a specific destination without stops.

Features of FTL mode:


  • The truck fleet management software allows users to browse through various truck types available in real-time.
  • To register a new booking, you must just enter pickup, drop and type of load details plus shipment schedule.
  • The user is provided with a dedicated section to check past booking details.
Full Truck Management Software

  Truck Tracking:

  • To stay updated with the truck location, real-time tracking option is provided.
  • A software interface with GPS provides truck/driver/load information on a single display.
  • You can check the movement of the truck, unloading details and hours of driver service.

  Truck management:

  • Shippers/carriers handling various types of trucks for FTL and PTL must continuously check their health.
  • The software keeps track of all the necessary services to be done and alerts truck managers.
  • It additionally takes care of truck usage for optimal utilization.

  Driver management:

  • Handling many trucks for different modes of transport needs handling of drivers too.
  • Various aspects of driving habits must be considered to assign a truck with FT or PT load.
  • To facilitate this, our cloud based trucking software maintains the driver profile of each driver with past driving history.
  • Users can make the best use of this truck driver management software feature for assigning jobs.

  Invoice billing:

  • The software automatically generates LR (lorry receipts) before unloading goods at the destination.
  • It gives LR modification option to shippers.
  • To lighten the task of billing, truck billing software uploads the POD (proof of delivery) and issues money receipt.
  • It further maintains a complete track of payment.

  Reasons to choose FTL:

  • Better shipment rates.
  • Information secured in Cloud.
  • Fewer transportation costs.
  • Single delivery.
  • Quick and reliable with full-length shipment visibility.
  • Least risk of damage to goods.
  • Less likelihood of the truck to get damaged or lost.

Part Truck Load:

On the other hand, PTL is shipment mode where multiple shippers share a single truck to transport their goods. It allows carriers to pay for only the amount of space they use for a given shipment. PTL/LTL does not assure quick transit times, security, safety. It also requires multiple deliveries and stops.

  Features of PTL mode:

  • Multi-booking
  • GPS monitoring
  • Multi-truck handling
  • Multi-driver handling
  • Payments
  • Mobile app notification
Part Truck Management Software

CargoERP is standalone trucking management software in India that supports both the shipment modes of transport, enabling shippers/carriers to use their resources optimally.

Truck Management Software for Small Business

Transportation and logistics are essential parts of any business, whether small or big. CargoERP’s proprietary truck management software focuses on efficient shipment modes ensuring future growth.

Managing logistics for small businesses is though complicated, with good shipping platforms small businesses can flourish. Small businesses or individual shippers have a small amount of goods to deliver. By establishing truck fleet management software for your company, you can make sure that you get the best rates, speed and service.

Truckload management software offers small businesses to choose online, full truckload or less than truckload shipping service.

Benefits of CargoERP software solution for small businesses:

  • You can compare shipping quotes from our carrier network.
  • Lowest rates are offered for LTL and FTL shipping needs.
  • No need to contact any freight broker to move loads.
  • Depending on the capacity of loads, you can before-hand plan the shipment mode.
  • Though Full truckload shipping is the safest and most reliable, depending on the fragility of the goods you can opt for full truck or part truck shipments.
  • Integrated GPS in the software facilitates freight tracking. This is more useful in Part truckload shipping which requires frequent stops.
  • Safe and on-time deliveries can be assured, with less unloading/loading stops.
  • With our cloud based trucking software, you can store all the source and destination information online. This is most useful in case of full truckload shipment, with multiple small goods reaching different destinations.
  • Small businesses can save on fuel and vehicle maintenance.

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  • Dependable for Full truck load and Part truck load shipments.
  • Safety and security of goods.
  • Transparency of shipments.
  • Cost-effective transportation.
  • Secured data in Cloud.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction.

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