Best Transport Management Software

A Transport management system (TMS) is a subset of supply chain management (SCM), designed to automate the shipping process. We at CargoERP have custom - built a software solution for logistics companies to plan, execute, optimize and customize their business operations.

Emerging technologies like transport management software solution when employed, streamlines the shipment process giving shipping efficiency, reducing cost overheads.

TMS invokes the use of web-based technology and software solutions to make bookings for shipment, plan the route efficiently, track shipment, share transit information, and maintain trip sheets of driver and vehicles

A conventional shipping process includes these tasks:

  • Finding rates
  • Schedule pickup
  • Select carrier
  • Book shipment
  • Track status
  • Audit and payment
Best Transport Management Software

IT -enabled / cloud / online based TMS software with rich features supports all the above tasks. Apart from the features, TMS can be customized to suit client’s business needs.

Best Transport Management Software

Some of the added features encountered in many advanced TMS are:

  • Automated logistics/vehicle assignment
  • Route optimization/route planning
  • GPS vehicle tracking/live online tracking/real time tracking
  • Advanced reporting
  • Online billing and invoice
  • Bar code
  • Mobile app
  • Cloud database

Best TMS features to Consider:

  Automated Logistics

Vehicles are the best resources for a transportation company. Choosing a carrier aptly to handle shipment involves multiple factors ranging from cost, geographic accessibility and need of multiple carriers. The selection might also vary from shipment to shipment. Automated vehicle assignment feature of TMS resolves the problem of manually choosing the carrier. It manages all carrier options in one place making the selection process centralized and chooses the best carrier automatically.TMS software for carriers do this by considering factors such as cost, preference, insurance coverage, equipment needed and more.

This flexibility in feature allows a shipper to select the best-suited carrier for the shipment. Prioritization of shipments pertaining to a single broker is also taken care of before the vehicle assignment.

  Route Planning and Optimization

This feature assigns the right shipment and vehicle to the drivers depending on driver experience and availability. Choosing the optimized route ensures timely and cost-effective operation. Optimized driving paths cut down on time spent and simultaneously reduces fuel costs. Consolidating shipments saves cost and avoids needless multiple trips.

  Real-time GPS fleet tracking

Once the shipment is in progress reaching on time is of major concern. To ensure this TMS tracks complete shipment process and provide authorized access through a web portal or mobile app at each level. TMS guarantees the freight manager real-time visibility of shipment with GPS communication tool. The status of transit time provides clear information about on-time deliveries, harsh driving, route deviation, delay in shipment and other irregularities. This feature makes a complete supply chain visible.

  Cloud database

Cloud technology is a virtual platform to store large data securely. This optimized database gives access to organizations to connect and use available data. Best transport software not only safeguards information, but also provides scope for future enhancement. Logistic firms can reduce additional overheads on IT support.

  Advanced Reporting

All the automated invoices, electronic proof of deliveries, POD, challan, loading slips, driver settlements, fuel expenses per transit, pending reports, business reports, are available on the cloud. This feature of TMS helps the user to find all the logistic and admin related documents in one click. This repository acts as a metric to evaluate performance.It generates live dashboard and automated key performance indicator (KPI) reports regarding operations and customer service. It also enables transport managers to make more informed decisions to work effectively.

  Online billing and invoice

An important activity in completing shipment flow is generating freight bills. TMS has a dedicated component to simplify accounting. It produces carrier invoices and automatically matches shipment data with invoice data. Accuracy of invoice can be verified before issuing payments. Online billing reduces the usage of stack of papers and lessens workload.

  Bar code

A bar code is a method to encode information in a machine-readable form.Barcodes are labeled to products for quick identification. They are used in warehouses to track inventory, and on invoices to assist in accounting. TMS uses barcode system for the movement of goods. Goods in the warehouse which are ready for dispatch are assigned a barcode. This aids in easy settlements after Delivery of goods and prevents fraudulence in the shipment process.

  Mobile App

TMS with GPS tracks all occurrences of shipment event by event. Real-time status information in the form of SMS/Email is sent to transport managers. Drivers can use this feature to send information regarding delivery, delay or any unforeseen occurrence. Timely alerts make communication among transporters easy.

Transport Management Software for Small Business

Many organizations believe that Transport Management software is only for large enterprise organizations. CargoERP, a leading provider of logistics software for transport management, has come up with more sophisticated, easy to implement, and customizable features to adopt for small, medium, and large-sized business firms.

With globalization, smaller/medium firms can take advantage of cloud based small business transport management software. It allows small and medium-sized logistics companies to plan, execute, optimize, and customize their business operations.

Incorporating our cloud based transport management system requires minimal setup, no internal IT support, and it’s affordable with a simple interface. Using CargoERP software for Transport Company, to handle daily businesses simplifies all challenges.

CargoERP software compared to manual operation helps your business to:

  Quick decision

TMS helps small and medium enterprises to gain access to valuable information needed to negotiate better rates. Making correct and timely decisions accounts for additional savings.

  Automatic selection of route

Online TMS automatically selects the best route for the delivery of goods. Optimization of route is an added advantage for TMS users.

  Track shipments in real-time

The key benefit of using TMS in the freight business is to take huge advantage of tracking features. All the shipment status is available to the user in one click, ensuring prompt deliveries.

  Reduce admin costs and minimize errors

Our TMS solution assists in the admin job, thereby cutting down additional payments and errors.

  Access a large carrier market

Online TMS gives access to an extensive network of qualified carriers around the world. Reaching new customers, communication with carriers and shippers is under one roof.

  Address all operations on one platform

All the tasks are done under one roof. The online platform supports and monitors complete freight shipment.

  Communicate shipment status to customers promptly

Customers can better utilize the resource and ensure they are available to accept the delivery. This avoids missed deliveries and saves shipping costs.

  Increase ROI

Investing in Transport ERP Software pays off to your business. CargoERP guarantees highest ROI for businesses of all size.

  Improve customer service

Usage of Online services makes the shipment process quick and reliable, aiding in maintaining better relations with customers.

Best Transport Management Software for Brokers

Digitalization of the supply chain resulted in the invention of online interface platform transportation management software. We at CargoERP have designed best TMS software for brokers to collaborate all transporters in a single network.

Our Best Transport Management software effectively streamlines shipping processes for all transporters like- Logistic Service Providers (LSPs), shippers, vendors, supply chain managers, Truckload Carriers, Freight Brokers, agents.

Integration of operation, administration along with automated billing with GST makes management of transportation easy. All transportation activities can be tracked on a single online interface.

Our software complies with different transport business models like:

Transport Business Model

CargoERP assists freight Transporters as Mentioned:

  • Shippers / freight brokers / agents – Global view of transportation in real-time is clearly seen, including order information, rates and routing progress. Using the best transport management software for brokers you can efficiently combine all the important brokerage business into one centralized location.
  • Supply chain managers – Supply chain managers can connect online with their partners, arrange shipments, seek order visibility, track shipment progress, identify delays, and act accordingly.Online technology supports supply chain managers to organize their processes and save significant time, costs and resources.
  • Vendors – By eliminating the labor and upfront expenses
  • Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) – LSP looks for Transport Management Software Solution with flexible billing capability, handle last-minute changes, manage multi-mode transport and scalability. Using transport management software helps to connect with a global network,optimize all online transport management system modes, provide proper metrics to manage their businesses
  • TL (truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) – Our best transport management software with powerful and customized features assists TL and LTL carriers to handle freight. LTL /FTLwith this software ensures that your loads are best matched to the carrier, equipment, and lanes to get the best possible rates.
  • Transport Management Software for Brokers

Cloud based Transport Management Software

CargoERP is a feature-rich cloud based TMS solution, best suited for businesses of all sizes. This industry-leading software automates all logistic and admin operations, ensuring high ROI and customization options.

The evolution of Cloud computing service is the new development in the IT industry. Many transport logistic businesses are utilizing Cloud based transport management software for their operations. Cloud is a virtual environment that consists of highly optimized data centers. It provides software, hardware and information resource when needed. Organizations connect to the cloud and use available data to scale up their business.

Transport Management Software Benifits

A decade ago, Logistic providers using TMS had to buy the software and install it with-in an organization. Today many small, medium and large-sized firms are embracing Cloud based TMS at a faster pace. Cloud server securely stores data on many variablesfor instance -routing, proof of delivery,driver performance etc.

According to Logistics Management, “8 percent of firms are already using a cloud based TMS while another 51 percent of companies are “likely” to use TMS in the cloud.”

Let’s see the reasons behind adopting CargoERP:

Quick Implementation – To adopt cloud based TMS for companies operations need minimum setup time. A start-up or a large enterprise can get going in no time

Fewer overheads on IT – Expenses related to hardware and software are eliminated, bringing technology close to all sizes of businesses. To incorporate cloud based transport management software you must pay subscription or usage fees.

Easy Enhancements – The cloud based TMS service provider is responsible for upgradations andimprovements to its solution.They are accountable for the maintenance of the application, safeguardingits availability and reliability.

Connectivity – Cloud allows the TMS users, to connect to a network of supply chain trading partners. As carriers, shippers, brokersand suppliers connect to this network, there is abundant scope for collaboration and run business with more and more companies.

Flexibility – Cloud based transport management software can be easily modified; existing features can be upgraded with additional functionality to meet different business requirements.

Software Always Up & Running – Cloud based TMS vendors ensure 24/7/365 operations, by positioning their systems across multiple data centers. There is uninterrupted access to virtual data despite any program failure.

Cybersecurity – Improving cybersecurity in fleet operations is the main objective of using cloud servers.Cloud based TMS providers ensures that the user information is secure virtually.

Minimal Freight Spend – Amount spent for sending Freight is least as a result of Cloud TMS, between 10 – 20% on average according to reports.

Restore Data backup – Any malfunction or interruption in the system program requires reboots and downtime to customers. To overcome this problem cloud TMS scatters multiple data centers, ensuring continued operation and uninterrupted data access. Automated data backup functionality of our transport and logistic software restores data in case of lost internet connectivity or power.

Online Transport Management Software

Many firms that are looking to incorporate an intelligent transport management system for logistic operation CargoERP‘s Online TMS is the perfect solution. It resolves complex tasks in the transportation cycle.

Reasons to migrate from manual to Online TMS:

  • Management of shipment process is easy
  • Customization feature brings Online TMS approachable to all firms

Let’s look at the benefit of online Transport Management System Software:

  • With online computing all the real-time data is used to process analytics, giving less time for data backups.
  • Best Online transport management software makes the management process more centralized.
  • With online TMS there is hardly any need for equipment, servers and software in offices.
  • Transporters need less investment to maintain and deploy online TMS, minimizing establishment cost for startups.
  • All companies irrespective of the size stand on a single platform to compete.
  • Online transport management software ensures strong data security.
  • All information regarding shipment is stored in the cloud and can be restored when needed.

Request Transport Management software demo from CargoERP:

In one single click, you can see Transport management system software functions to

  • Book orders in a short time.
  • Find the most favorable rates suited for Less than truckload (LTL), Full truckload (FTL) and parcel rates.
  • Search for the best modes- truck,air,sea and rail.
  • Manage your shipment rates.
  • Receive instant quotes.
  • Track shipments 24/7.
  • Automated invoice billing considering GST in the calculation.
  • Delighted customers.

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Best Transport Management Software in India

CargoERP is India’s best cloud based transport management software provider that aims to automate your logistic operations. We intend to provide easily operated, efficient, and customizable software to all users.

CargoERP has emerged as the best transport management software provider located in Hyderabad, one of the major IT hubs of India.

  • Our feature-rich transport software provides abundant scope for small, medium, and large businesses to maximize their revenue, reducing overheads.
  • Our comprehensive software for transport management system integrated with the cloud aims to provide 24/7 service, ensuring the best ROI and sales.
  • Customization according to your requirements and internal process is rendered with perfection.

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