Best Fleet Management Software (FMS) in India

Fleet management software deals with logistic operations. CargoERP is leading web-based fleet management software in India, Hyderabad designed by professionals to coordinate and manage the fleet for all users.

Our feature-rich software provides abundant scope for small, medium and large businesses to maximize their revenue reducing overheads.

Our advanced system adopting cloud, customization, Best ROI, sales and 24/7 service render excellent services to clients. Upon adopting our top fleet managementsoftware your firm’s shipment process changes noticeably

Here are the features that act as tools to maximize your Business Horizon:

  • Route Optimization / Vehicle Assignments
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Driver Management
  • Barcode
  • Fleet Usage
  • Driving Violation
  • Reporting
  • Mobile app
  • Billing Invoice
Best Fleet Management Software (FMS) in India

Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software refers to an application that helps organizations to coordinate and manage the fleet effectively. To facilitate easy management, CargoERP has emerged with modern fleet management software. It ensures smooth logistic operations.

It stores, processes, collects, observes, reports on and exports information about vehicle’s and driver’s safety and efficiency. Using Best Fleet management software brings down overheads, maintenance and increase productivity.

Let’s see the main tasks of fleet management software:

  • Fleet management software important concern is tracking of the vehicles. To carry out this GPS (global positioning system) tracking device is installed into the vehicle.
  • Vehicle maintenances checked according to the schedule for each vehicle. Fleet Management Software sends alert whenever the maintenance is due.
  • Driver management and safety
  • Invoice and reports
Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Now we will move forward to see the features of fleet management software:

  Vehicle Tracking

Once the shipment is in progress reaching on time is of major concern. To ensure this online fleet management software tracks the complete shipment process.

The GPS system calculates the location, speed, direction and sends them to tracking fleet management software to notify about the fleet current status. GPS fleet management software guarantees the freight manager real-time visibility of shipment with GPS communication tool. It provides authorized access through a web portal or mobile app at each level. The status of transit time provides clear information about on-time deliveries, harsh driving, route deviation, delay in shipment and other irregularity thus improving complete supply chain visibility and customer satisfaction.

  Vehicle Management

Vehicle maintenance on a regular basis is an essential task of a freight manager. Fleet driver needs to check tyres, fluids, fuel consumption, fitness and engine health before every trip.

Vehicle fleet management software has an advanced feature to monitors complete vehicle health and prioritizes the repairs needed. This tool further checks and registers all these variables before assigning the vehicle’s availability; it automatically schedules another vehicle in its place if needed.

Detecting and scheduling all the maintenance related issues to be performed to preserve warranties and insurance is taken care of by the software. Maintenance alerts in the form of SMS or emails are sent to both drivers and fleet owners.

Regular fleet/vehicle maintenance ensures the safety and security of both drivers and vehicles. It is especially useful for larger fleet’s owners since they have many variables to manage during the maintenance.

  Driver Management

In the transport business, there is a continuous need for surveillance of drivers and vehicles. It is not easy for drivers to sail through tough conditions while driving, avoiding mishaps.

People managing transport often seek to improve driver safety, reduce accidents and to keep vehicles safe. Fleet management software collects data in real-time to track driving habits along with current fleet status.This tool monitors driving issues and creates driver profile using these key factors- over speeding, rapid acceleration, worktime, and aggressive braking. It further quickly determines driver performance based on profile history.

Fleet managers must periodically check driver’s license validity, renewal status or any demerit received. Fleet management software stores all this data and timely reminds drivers and fleet managers.

  Vehicle usage and cost

Fleet managers upon using their vehicles for a long time must either return or dispose of them. Often calculation of the total cost of ownership involves metrics like depreciation, maintenance, fuel usage. Fleet management software with its tools accepts all these data and makes calculations to easily get rid of unused vehicles.

The efficient usage of vehicles is of great concern to fleet managers. Transportation fleet management software records details about vehicle utilization time and vehicle idle time, ensuring high productivity.

  Fuel Management

To keep track of business expenses, awareness of fuel consumption and usage is mandatory. Fleet management software with GPS monitors fuel consumption when the vehicle is in usage. This feature helps fleet managers to check unnecessary route deviation as it leads to extra fuel cost and vehicle mileage.

  Driving Violations

Whenever any unfortunate accident or infringement occurs fleet managers need to resolve them, resulting in robust insurance procedures. They need to handle these issues and carryout necessary repairs.

To avoid this truck fleet management software allocates vehicles to the right driver, thus avoiding downtime in fleet operations.

  Mobile App

Cloud fleet management software continuously monitors transit of goods with inbuilt GPS. All the updates are sent to the people associated with a consignment. Mobile alerts concerning bookings, dispatch, delivery, POD status and Barcode Scanning at Dispatch / Unloading are sent instantly.

  Invoice and Billing

Large fleet managers must manage both fleet operations and expenses for every fleet. Online fleet management software produces an in-depth invoice for each customer, showing all minute details about pickup and drop of each consignment. It also includes the amount of time taken and the mileage traveled. Automation of billing includes GST in the calculation.

  Report Analysis

To measure the performance of the vehicles/driver’s reports are pre-requisite for fleet managers. Top-rated fleet management software acts as a tool to generate these reports for analysis. Detailed scorecards on entire fleet performance and each driver’s performance are stored in the cloud. This feature plays a vital role in taking the decision about driver/vehicle retention. As they are crucial in transportation, a driver with good merits, the vehicle with less maintenance and more mileage are retained.

Once reports are generated you can view online, print them or include them in other applications.

Features of Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Finally, let’s see the benefits of the best Fleet Management Software:

  • Automate Your Fleet Reports.

Integrating GPS with fleet management software results in:

  • Improved Dispatching.
  • Prevent delays in deliveries.
  • Time management/less time spend on predicting the time of departure and arrival.
  • Improves Customer Service and Satisfaction.

Effective vehicle and driver management results in:

  • Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency/save on fuel     consumption.
  • Improve Safety for the Fleet.
  • Improved Insurance Benefits/reduce insurance costs.
  • Savings on maintenance cost.
  • Acquire more control over drivers and vehicles.

Cloud based Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is a typical logistic application that manages transport operations efficiently and cost-effectively. CargoERP’s cloud based fleet management software is an integration of cloud computing with logistics to make fleet managers complex tasks easy.

Cloud is a virtual domain that consists of highly optimized data centers. It acts as database, giving access to organizations to connect and use available data.

Fleet management software adopts cloud technology to make bookings for shipment, plan the route efficiently, track shipment, share transit information, maintain invoice/billing of driver/vehicles and measure performance.

Cloud based Fleet Management Software

Let’s see how the cloud makes FMS easily accessible:

  • IT Infrastructure – Accessing technology irrespective of the size of the business is easy. Cloud based fleet management software does not demand heavy usage fees, unlike an on-premise software.
  • Accountability Ensured – Fleet management software service provider is responsible for any enhancements made. It is more reliable at the same time maintenance of the application is ensured.
  • Expand network – Best Fleet management software shipping users can connect with the global market and expand the network. Irrespective of the role of the user as carriers/shippers/brokers/suppliers, there is a large scope to make new business partners.
  • Software in operation – With cloud best fleet management software there is continuous operation of software once it is up. All the data centers provide uninterrupted access virtually, even in the case of a program crash.
  • Quick execution – Any logistics firm can quickly start using vehicle fleet management software within a short period.
  • Cyber security – Cyber security is of utmost importance to fleet Management Software Providers.
  • Restore information – There are multiple scenarios when data gets corrupted due to unexpected program crash or power failure at one of the user’s branches or poor internet connectivity. Cloud based fleet management software enables user to restore data from the cloud’s database.
  • Software Providers – users information is safeguarded in the cloud 24/7.

Fleet Management Software (FMS) for Small / Medium Business

Logistic organizations irrespective of size find shipment challenging. To meet the rising needs of fleet managers, CargoERP has crafted software solutions to manage small/large fleets productively and efficiently.

Many large firms have adopted transport fleet management software to take the best advantage of its services. Though fleet management software supports small businesses very few firms have implemented technology.

Fleet Management Software (FMS) for Small / Medium Business

Integrating our Best Fleet Management Software with small firms requires little time to install, no in-house IT support and minimal expenses. It’s simple interface, customized features is helping all businesses to optimally use resources, resulting in smooth shipment operations.

Let’s see how fleet management software for small business makes a difference:

  Faster operations

With fleet management software small and medium businesses can choose the apt mode, vehicle, negotiable rate that best fits the shipments need. Small growing businesses can benefit more by saving more time and reducing fuel costs.

  Automated navigation

Our Best Fleet management software selects the best route for delivery of goods without human intervention. This feature adds value to fleet management software by giving route optimization provisions.

  Lesser administration needs

Fleet management software additionally acts as an admin to the user, thereby minimizing employee payments.

  Visibility of goods end-to-end

Movement of all shipments can be tracked using small business fleet management software at every level.

  Approach a large market easily

Fleet management software enables the user to gain access to larger market. It acts as a platform to communicate with all associated with various shipments easily.

  Healthy customer relation

Quick and timely delivery of goods results in a better relationship with customers.

  Increase ROI

The Best Fleet management software provides small/medium/large companies a single window to efficiently use vehicles/fuel/drivers to gain bigger benefits and higher ROI.


Fleet Management Software Demo

Look for yourself what CargoERP’s best Fleet Management Software can do to your Business:

  • Automate dispatch
  • 24/7 vehicle tracking
  • Manage fleet
  • Manage drivers
  • More safe and timely deliveries
  • Best return on investment and high productivity
  • Happy customers

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