Courier Booking Management Software

CargoERP with its extensive domain knowledge in courier management developed courier management software. This software adaptable for both single or multiple branches, helps courier managers to get the best returns and grow business wider.

An online courier booking management software is a web-based platform that streamlines all operations related to the courier business.

It handles the complete process starting from booking of the parcel, pickup, and delivery of the same. All the parcel details, along with the current status, shows up on a single screen making the process transparent.

Our best courier software covers all processes involved in International Courier Services and Domestic Pickup & Delivery.

Advanced Courier tracking software with GPS provides clients with an estimated time of delivery, real-time updates, and route optimization. Customization to suit customer’s needs is an added feature, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Moving to the Features:

  • Price estimator – Calculation of price for each parcel/packet to be delivered considers destination distance, weight, mode before booking. Many courier software tools are capable of estimating charges considering all variables. All you need to do is enter your destinations and rates once. The software takes care of pricing accordingly.
  • Courier Branch management – Managing multiple branches as a network is not an easy task. Every branch has different freight rates, pickup centers, and other franchise-specific factors. The main objective of software for courier management is to promote inter-branch synchronizations in real-time to manage orders and deliveries. This is a must-have feature of any courier management system.
  • Client /customer Management – Customization of services is an important concern of individual clients with different requirements. Any software which meets these brings a great level of satisfaction. The aim of this feature is to handle clients/consignee freight rate, login, and consignor list. It also allows clients to query and resolve parcel delivery issues.
  • Online Tracking of Shipments – The primary feature of courier systems is tracking, allowing users/customers to track the arrival of their shipment/parcel. It assigns a unique (air-way-bill) AWB-tracking number on each package. With this number exact location of the parcel, date and time can be known.
  • Online Payment – Payment to the courier services is no more manual. The Internet is a reliable portal these days for any payments. Courier systems enable clients/customers to pay via multiple online sources. This includes debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and many more. Many online courier software accepts money wallets like Paytm, Google pay, phone pay and more. This feature facilitates billing and generates an invoice for each parcel delivered.
  • Dispatch management – This feature deals with the execution involved in the process. It starts with incoming AWB verification, run sheet generation, POD (proof of delivery) generation, route management and finally delivery status management. The system also takes care of delivery proof details using AWB no acknowledgement.
  • Cloud Storage – Storing bills and maintaining sheets regarding current/past payments and orders are a challenging task. To simplify this courier management system, adopted cloud storage. It allows you to store and view unlimited information from a single dashboard. One can easily update, add, delete data from anywhere. Recovery of lost data automatically using auto-backup functionality is an added advantage with a Cloud-based courier system.
  • Limited Access – The Courier management system holds lots of data in the cloud, it is essential to restrict the access to software with admin-based permission. Limitation provides data security, ensuring the safety of business information. This feature allows employees to access only the information they need to know.
  • Barcode – A bar code is a visual data in a machine-readable form. They are applied to parcel/goods to identify quickly during dispatch/delivery. Each parcel/packet is assigned a unique tracking no (AWB no), these numbers are labeled to a parcel, stored in the cloud as well for reference. This process facilitates easy pickup and delivery.
  • Report Analysis – Courier Company irrespective of the size need to manage their returns. The Online courier system acts as a tool to scale the performance of the company. It generates varieties of management reports for each branch/center/franchise such as cash flow report, daily/monthly cash amount report, customer COD (cash on delivery) report, paid billing report. It also estimates revenue, analyses performance, and more to check work efficiency. Customization of reports is also allowed as per requirement.
  • Best service to clients – Drivers must manage multi drop-off points efficiently, ensuring timely delivery. This courier route optimization software equips drivers with map, fastest route and additional information to locate delivery points. Clients are notified about upcoming delivery so that they can change delivery time.
  • Mobile app notifications – Tracking of the parcel/good/packet once the booking is done is a major concern to customers. Software for courier management automatically notifies customers about the real-time status of their goods. All the updates regarding the dispatched time, current transit status, and delivery time are sent through the mobile app. It also sends information about received and pending payments.

Here are the benefits of using cloud-based Courier Management system software:

  • Optimize delivery routes automatically.
  • Make the logistics process paperless.
  • Provides Complete Order Information.
  • Increase end-to-end visibility.
  • Increases Efficiency and Timely Delivery.
  • Provide better service to clients.
  • Data Security with Cloud storage.
  • Higher Accuracy.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

Courier Booking Management for Small / Medium Business

Managing courier business small/large is complicated, as multiple factors must be considered to provide the best services to customers. To simplify this CargoERP has tailored the best courier logistics software as a single-platform solution for small/large enterprise courier managers.

The digitalization of the management process provides high accuracy, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Our Cloud-based courier software for small business automates all tasks, improving returns on investment and providing the best customer satisfaction. Businesses from start-up to large enterprises can manage their customer bookings, office operations and drivers with this easy-to-use courier business software solution.

Courier Booking Management Software

Let's see how online courier software makes a big difference to small businesses:

  Automate Calculation

You can find the price of consignment quickly using software tool, avoiding manual calculations. This enables efficient booking management.

  Optimize routes

Delivery of parcel/goods that follow optimized routes, reduces travel time and no manual planning. Small firms with fewer resources are more benefited, saving more on fuel.

  Branch management made easy

Small businesses with multiple branches can efficiently manage the workflow with proper synchronization. With parcel/packet/good booking details placed online, you can have control over charges, delivery, billing, and payments.

  End-to-End visibility to courier managers

With GPS tracking, customers/courier managers can check the location of their parcel at any time. This software for courier management ensures traceability.

  Paperless data and complete order information online.

With courier management software, you can maintain delivery records online. Small firms can save office space, less workforce, less paperwork, and no logbooks. Complete order information, electronic proof of delivery, digital logs can be viewed online, contributing to faster communication. Complete order information is more easily accessible.

  Customer satisfaction

A complete overview of parcels delivered, date and time of delivery, delays, time spent on each delivery is provided to businesses. This helps small businesses to analyze and make changes to boost customer satisfaction.

Courier Management Software for Brokers / Agents

Courier Management Software for Brokers / Agents

Courier management software is a key enabler for quick and secure delivery of parcel/goods/mails. Cargo EPR‘s online courier booking software simplifies workflow involved from booking to billing.

With the advent of internet shopping, there is a recurring need for parcel delivery at the customer’s doorstep. To provide customers with flawless delivery more and more courier managers are adopting online/cloud based software.

Courier management software is a powerful tool for freight broker or agent or carrier. It takes full control of booking, automates the calculation of price, manages status, generates invoices, and allots receipts to invoices.

Let’s see how brokers/agents/courier service provider empowers with our online courier delivery software solution:

Brokers can rely on software for courier management with less manual intervention

  • Regular customer details are always stored in the database, avoiding repeated entries.
  • Agents/brokers can initiate delivery, using an optimized route plan.
  • Pending and ongoing job status can be viewed in a single dashboard.
  • Brokers can connect with agents/courier service providers any time from any - where over web/mobile app
  • Agents get notified of new tasks online, along with location details.
  • Service provider can manage the workflow in all the branches online without the need to visit.
  • Digital way bill enables the agent/broker to speed up delivery.
  • Agents can collect digital proof of delivery instantly.

E-Courier Booking Management Software

E-courier booking management software is sophisticated cloud based courier software in India, designed by CargoERP, to suit courier business.

We have built powerful software to handle hassles in the courier business. This online courier dispatch software with GPS tracking potential streamlines all operations from booking to billing, giving flexibility and last-mile visibility.

Let’s look at the powerful features:

  Paper-less Booking:

The first step in e-courier booking is to enter all information including request date, parcel type, pickup, and delivery addresses, as well as details about the number of pieces to be delivered. All the data is stored in the cloud and is accessible always, with add/change/delete options from anywhere.

  Quick Dispatch:

Once an automatic rate estimator finds the charges applied, you can assign new jobs to your drivers. A list of unassigned jobs available in the portal can be matched to available drivers. Online courier booking software uses tools to automate the dispatch process based on routes and optimize the deliveries according to delivery time.

  Branch/Franchise/Client Management:

E-courier software employs many powerful features to manage clients, branches, employees and franchisees. Variables like details of clients, pickup center, destination center, freight rates as per branch and others are handled efficiently. Online software for courier management limits the visibility of important information from the user to the user by creating different logins. Cross branch management is also taken care of.

  Complete Visibility:

Once drivers are assigned a job, you can check the real-time delivery updates. All the status information from pick up, in transit and final delivery is notified promptly to customers. You can avail GPS tracking facility to find booked orders online and receive real-time alerts in case of unexpected delays.

  Mobile app:

Clients can use the mobile app feature to get mobile alerts about parcel location, expected delivery time. On the other hand, this feature makes it easy for drivers to check the next assigned job in the queue, update delivery status and get digital signatures from clients.


An automatic unique barcode is generated and labelled for each product before dispatch which facilitates easy tracking.


Online courier billing software with an integrated billing tool makes the payment process easy. Clients are provided with an option to pay online using internet banking or pay after delivery. Software instantly generates receipts upon payment, to quickly complete the billing process.

  Electronic POD:

This advanced feature simplifies the delivery process. The driver entitled to deliver a parcel scans the barcode, capture customer signature to provide delivery confirmation to the service provider.

E-Courier Booking Management Software  

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